Software Developer

Karl Apsite

A passion for games and robotics drew Karl to the computer. Curiosity drew him to explore TI-Basic on his TI-83. An excitement for learning and improvement turned these interests into a degree in computer engineering from Grand Valley State University.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, Karl was challenged to see if he would be able to reverse-engineer Minecraft’s lighting engine, modifying it to support different colored lights. This challenging and amazing learning opportunity eventually became a functional implementation.

Outside of his work at MichiganLabs, Karl volunteers at the Spectrum Health Helen Devos Children’s Hospital. He also helps to run a local Pokémon Trading Card League. Always one for playing, modifying, and learning, he is currently diving deep into the world of AV equipment and recording.

Personal Interests

  • Volunteering
  • Games
  • Recording & AV

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