Development Practice Co-Lead

Jeff Kloosterman

Jeff’s foray into computer programming began in high school when his sister needed to write a program on her calculator for a math assignment. Pegged as “good with computers” from a young age, Jeff decided to help her out. Together, they completed the assignment and, after a few days, he had nearly memorized the programming section of the TI-82 instruction book.

Years later, Jeff graduated from Calvin College with a degree in computer engineering and a host of minors that seemed like a good idea at the time. Armed with knowledge and a fancy piece of paper, he joined MichiganLabs as a way of turning his hobby into a career.

Today, Jeff is still learning, exploring ways to develop software that can bring joy to both the user and himself. He’s also stepped into a design role at MichiganLabs, which allows him to flex different creative muscles.

In his free time, Jeff co-organizes a meetup group focused on learning about and fostering game development. He also enjoys card and board games, his favorites of which are Dominion and Ticket to Ride. He is also continuously working to improve his skills as a vector artist and Dota2 player.

Personal Interests

  • Games
  • UI Design
  • Learning

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