Product Strategy: Turning your App Ideas Into Reality

April 16, 2020
Product Strategy: Turning your App Ideas Into Reality

6 Strategies That Ensure Success

Anyone who has been there knows, it can be incredibly frustrating having an app idea and not being able to bring it to life. And with organizational, technical, or financial roadblocks in the way, it can be equally frustrating to simply get a project off the ground.

Whichever camp you find yourself in, a sound Product Strategy is a way to turn your vision into reality. Want to get your ducks in a row? Here are six steps to help ensure success.

  1. Build momentum and support. Nothing is worse than starting a project and not having the resources to see it all the way through. So be sure to set aside dedicated time, and the right people, to share your vision and generate excitement around creating something innovative and transformative.
  2. Clarify your vision and goals. Projects often have many stakeholders. The key is getting them aligned around a common goal. It may sound simple, but it’s absolutely essential that everyone knows the problem you’re trying to solve. Spending this up-front time will save you countless headaches over the long haul.
  3. Identify success. Once you have identified the challenge you’re trying to solve, it’s important to set up metrics or KPI’s to measure success. These will help you demonstrate how well the project achieved your team’s vision. This is also a great time to build a financial case for the project.
  4. Engage with end users. Projects often fail because someone had a great idea for a tool, but it’s not what users say they want. User Research serves to validate your idea against what users actually need.
  5. Identify potential roadblocks. No one likes being caught off guard. So bring your team together early and share the challenges that may be in store. Whether it’s resource restraints, data integration needs, or third-party dependencies, let them know any possible roadblocks before they appear.
  6. Create a prototype. Nothing gets a team more aligned and downright excited about a project than seeing a prototype come to life. This is when you truly know you’re onto something.


From the Product Strategy phase to Prototyping to launching and maintaining your app, Michigan Software Labs is here to help you see your ideas through. Let us know how we can solve your user challenges, and turn your vision into reality—a successful one.

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