New Office!

October 10, 2017

We have some exciting news to share. MichiganLabs is moving to Ada!

Effective October 16, 2017, our new address will be 452 Ada Dr SE, STE 300, Ada, Michigan 49301.

For those not familiar, Ada is located about 13 minutes to the east of downtown Grand Rapids.

As you may have heard, downtown Ada is being completely redesigned and rebuilt to better serve the community.

The new village development will enrich the lives of those that live here, work here and do business here. We want more reasons for people to come and visit the area, while maintaining the charm and character that has made Ada what it is today. - April Armstrong, Former President of the Ada Business Association

Our new office will be on the third floor of the B2 building which is located near the corner of Ada Drive and Fulton Street. Our office will be on the third floor of the brick building on the left hand side of the photo below. The goal of our new space is to better serve our clients and our team. For example, the new space will have two breakout areas for our clients to come in and work collaboratively on projects. The new space will be brighter and more inspiring to provide an enhanced environment to help our clients solve their biggest business challenges. There will even be a deck area for working outside or for hosting client events.

Not only will this new office be larger and allow for us to continue to grow, but it will also help us to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for the team. For example, there will be bike racks for those that want to ride their bike to work or take one out during lunch. Each of the team member desks will be height adjustable and allow for standing or sitting. The new office is near numerous walking trails and the Thornapple River for kayaking. Similar to our previous office, the new kitchen area will offer free and unlimited snacks.

As you can see, the office is still under construction.

Here is a view from the traffic cam on the corner of Headley Street and Ada Drive.

We are looking forward to having you come visit. After we move in, you will be receiving an invitation to a Grand Opening Party with food, drinks, and friends. Or, feel free to drop us a line and we will give you a personal tour. Just email with “Tour” in the subject line and we will get you scheduled when it works best for you.

Learn more about the New Village of Ada and view a live construction camera

Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson
Co-founder & Managing Partner

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