10 Reasons to Buy an Apple Watch

March 15, 2015

The Apple Watch will become available on April 24, 2015. While there may be many practical reasons to hold-off from buying the Watch until the second version comes out, here are ten reasons why you shouldn’t wait.

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  1. Timekeeping – Let’s be honest, it is rare that you will ever need to know the exact time within 5 milliseconds. However, the new Apple Watch will allow you to have that luxury for only $350. Imagine knowing your timepiece will be more accurate than your old Timex or Digital Clock on your dresser. With the Apple Watch, you will be able to set time for the rest of the world. Just think of the possibilities.

  2. New Ways to Connect – While Valentine’s Day has come and gone this year, wouldn’t it have been nice to send a taptic touch message to a loved one? With just one tap you could express your love by sending a picture of a flower, or even your heartbeat. How sentimental – eat it up Cupid.

  3. Health and Fitness – Speaking of heart rates, the Apple Watch will allow you to check your heart rate and monitor the distance you have traveled on foot in a day, week, or month. Exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle and Apple believes this will be the next big thing in personal fitness.

  4. Design – Deciding if you’re going to spring for the $10,000+ Apple Watch Edition series may be one to run by the spouse – but, just look at the detail in the device. It features two different size points to start with including the 38mm and 42mm. The bands can also be customized to fit your lifestyle and personal fashion preferences. Just like a snowflake, every Watch can be different.

  5. Craftsmanship – According to Apple the “Apple Watch was designed with a deep reverence for the art of fine watchmaking. For the raw materials, every choice we made was intended to not merely honor the traditions of the past, but to advance them. From the custom gold alloys to the sapphire crystal, each element comes together with an unrivaled level of care and precision, giving Apple Watch a beauty that is both timeless and thoroughly modern.” Knowing this, you can be sure this timepiece will be created with the best in mind for users and for performance.

  6. Technology – For Apple, simplicity in technology is paramount. Making a device easy to use is essential to it’s success. The Apple Watch is simple enough that even your 3-year old can use it. Of course, you better have a good reason for buying for 3-year old an Apple Watch but that is a different discussion.

  7. Built in Apps – The Apple Watch will ship with all of the most common apps you already love including Mail, Maps, Photos, and Siri. Beta users have expressed how nice it is not to have to pull the phone out of the pocket or purse to quickly respond to messages or look up information. They have also commented at how easy it is to use due to their existing with Apple products. Everything just seems to flow together as expected.

  8. Apple Pay – Have you tried using Apple Pay yet? Recent reports show more than 40% of users have started using Apple Pay and it is working well. Imagine if Apple became not only the largest technology company in the world, but also the most common payment system. Integration of the Apple Pay technology will allow users an even more convenient use for the new payment technology.

  9. App Store Apps – Due to the existing strength of the App Store, Apple will be able to begin generating app revenue and engagement immediately. This means you’ll eventually be able to play Angry Birds and Flappy Bird on your Apple Watch. Apple is “Twitterizing” the Watch using Glances and shorter bits of information. Soon, our communication won’t even need 140 characters – just one touch from our Watch.

  10. If you’re not first, you’re last – Remember owning the first iPhone 3gS? People assumed it was just a fad and you were either ignorant or confused. Now, years later, you’re using your iPhone in new and innovative ways. The Apple Watch will be no exception. Even if you have to send your own heart beat to yourself, the Apple Watch will be worth it.

We hope this list of top-10 reasons to buy an Apple Watch the day it comes out has been helpful.

Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson
Co-founder & Managing Partner

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