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Immediate delivery for the world’s largest construction projects

Giving users the power to order a part real-time and have it delivered within the hour helps keep large construction projects on track

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Transforming service with technology

Viking is one of the largest fire protection companies in the world. They needed a way to deliver on their promise of service excellence by providing users with the ability to press a button and place an order.


The new digital product allows users to create an order while on the construction site. The company piloted the new initiative in San Francisco, California. The goal was to have an easy way for users to order last minute sprinkler parts. With the app, a user can press a button and order sprinkler parts while on-site and have it delivered with a mobile parts truck.

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“Michigan Software Labs knocked it out of the park! They were very responsive (even with our early morning emails). We launched the pilot in just 5 weeks and started to gain traction immediately and improve our operational efficiency. We are very excited to continue rolling this project out to more large metropolitan areas.”

Jeff Norton, VP Marketing


"Working with Michigan Software Labs was a breath of fresh air. The entire team was extremely engaged in the process and showed a commitment to understanding our business in order to provide a final product that would work well for our users."

Nancy Houghton


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Press button, order parts

Viking wanted to ensure the process for a user was easy and seamless. They had an existing process for ordering but it was not easy for last-minute orders. The new process is forward-thinking and allows for deep insights in to user behavior and improving customer retention. This is just the beginning for this digital product.

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