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The Daniel Plan

The Daniel Plan is framed around The Essentials: Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, and Friends - Life areas that all work together to restore and sustain your long-term health. Faith is the foundation with God as the source of the power and the energy behind all transformational change.

The Daniel Plan offers practical solutions to improving your health physically, spiritually, relationally and emotionally. Integrating these Essentials can lead to a more vibrant life, ultimately preparing you to live out your calling.

Build Elements & Features

Dynamic Charts

The Daniel Plan App allows you to track your life in five essential areas including what you eat.


The Daniel Plan App suggests important resources such as a cookbook, the Daniel Plan book, and more.


The dashboard within the Daniel Plan App provides a quick way for users to find what they need. It also includes a calendar which helps users stay on pace with their goals.

Daily Tracking

The tracking features within the Daniel Plan App allow users to see trends compared to important goals.


The Daniel Plan App is easy to track goals. For example, a user may want to track and set a goal for the the number of hours of sleep per night.


The Daniel Plan App features a profile section which helps users set reminders.