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Cascade Engineering’s CartLogic app allows users to manage cart service and location information using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, GPS systems, and cloud computing. The Android app allows garbage truck drivers to improve the operations and delivery of waste carts. Each time a delivery, swap, repair, or removal is made the cart’s RFID tag is scanned (or a serial number is entered) and the cart’s location and type of service provided is recorded, generating a service history log for each cart in the inventory whether in the field or at the yard. This information synchronizes with CartLogic’s cloud-managed platform, storing all cart inventory data conveniently online.

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Build Elements & Features

Enterprise App Distribution

CartLogic is distributed outside of the app store to restrict who has access to the system

Minimalistic, easy to use UI

Focused on providing the data that is needed and optimizing for speed of use in the field

RFID Scanner

RFID scanning instantly identifies carts

Real Time Information

Instant syncing and GPS data provides real time tracking for assets for the whole team