Software Developer

Scott Peterson

As a lifelong learner, Scott has always had a thirst for knowledge. Even as a kid, his mind frequently turned to lists and data. His love of number crunching evolved from notebooks to DOS spreadsheets, then finally to Excel. Along with his pursuit of information was the desire to use it to solve interesting challenges.

After majoring in economics and taking part in the Baker Scholar Leadership Program at Hope College, Scott enrolled in a Python Programming course at the University of Washington. That’s all it took. While gaining a deep understanding of the software’s libraries, programming styles, and idioms, his love of development began to snowball.

Scott began his career with stints as a data analyst and process analyst. He then landed the role of software developer for Golden Guru. Working on behalf of a West Coast payment processing client, the experience was a crash course in all things software. Scott thrived under the constant mental challenge.

Today at MichiganLabs, Scott likes being surrounded by a talented and driven team. His coworkers not only enjoy making great products, they also have a great time doing it. For Scott, it’s a chance to continue to learn and grow, while creating solutions clients love.

Outside of coding, Scott and his wife like to explore the outdoors with their two dogs, Balto and Moony. He’s also into baseball and golf, both as a fan and recreationally. When not re-watching episodes of The Office, Scott likes to explore new restaurants, try out new bourbons, and play card games. Given how many of his coworkers also enjoy playing, it may be time for a MichiganLabs Euchre tournament.

Personal Interests

  • outdoors
  • baseball
  • golf

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