Software Developer

Sara Raleigh

Sara began using computers at the age of four. Windows 95 and ‘edutainment’ programs, such as The Way Things Work kept her busy for hours at a stretch. She can still recall clicking on each item in the Start menu just to see what would happen. These self-guided opportunities to pursue her own curiosity have stuck with her to this day.

Around eighth grade Sara’s interest in computers evolved from a hobby into something more than that. The light-switch moment happened while attending a three-week C++ camp at Northwestern University. She remembers being introduced to the notion of objects in programming—the idea that we can write code to represent an entity, complete with properties and actions it can perform. Building complete systems from objects was a concept that pushed her forward.

Studying computer science at Grand Valley State University was a chance for Sara to formally explore what she had studied casually before. She found operating systems and networking courses particularly rewarding. She was also proud to be a member of the computer science honors society, Upsilon Pi Epsilon.

To this day, Sara loves the learning involved in building software. Keeping up with the speed of technical innovation is a big part of being a developer. Outside of software, she enjoys dark comedies, gaming, listening to music, and spending time family.

Personal Interests

  • Gaming
  • Listening to music
  • Computers

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