Lisa Le

Lisa Le

Software Developer

Like many of us at MichiganLabs, Lisa has always had a mind for technology. When most kids are learning to ride a bike, she was taking apart her broken toy laptop, rewiring it, and getting it work again. Growing up, Lisa also enjoyed the sciences and finding ways to help people. This led her to consider a career in medicine.

Raised in Grand Rapids, Lisa attended college just down the road in Ann Arbor. While attending the University of Michigan, she was on a pre-med track for two full years. All it took was one computer science class for her to change her degree to computer science. In the process, she became an active member of Michigan Hackers, a group that provides high-quality resources to help fellow students become more competent members of society—technically, socially, and professionally.

Her software experience immediately came in handy when moving back to West Michigan after graduation. Lisa created an Android app for her parents’ business, making it possible to keep track of and calculate services.

As a developer at MichiganLabs, Lisa is able to find all of the things she loves about coding under one roof. This means working closely with teams to solve complex software challenges. Along the way, she’s able to make technology more helpful, friendly, and intuitive for a range of clients.

When not creating software, Lisa likes to lead and participate in temple youth group events, hosting fundraisers and choreographing traditional dance performances for her Vietnamese community. It turns out Lisa also used to sing. Maybe we’ll get her to perform here at the office. After all, we’ve got a solid group of musicians to back her.

Career Pathways

Career Pathways

December 1, 2020

Watch this video to learn more about how Lisa Le and Sarah Hendriksen pursued a career in software development @ MichiganLabs.

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