Wellness & Culture Lead

Kylie Martinez

Kylie attended Brigham Young University where she learned the value of hard work. When not focusing on her studies and interning as a planning technician for two nearby cities, she took part in the school’s folk dance ensemble. Looking back, Kylie appreciates how the experience opened her up to new cultures and perspectives.

After college, Kylie demonstrated her creative and entrepreneurial side by starting a wedding photography business from scratch. Business was so good she was able to support her husband through medical school. Before leaving Utah, she was up to 25 events per year.

Once she arrived in West Michigan, Kylie was picky about where she applied. She wanted a place that would foster innovation while still being focused on people. She found it at MichiganLabs, where professional development is encouraged and people strive continually to improve themselves in all areas of life, professional and personal.

Kylie has a range of interests outside of work. She’s a ravenous reader (83 books last year alone) and is currently training for the 2020 Century Ride 100-mile bike race. She also volunteers as a youth group leader for her church, where she creates a space for kids to feel safe and heard. We’re just glad she’s with us at MichiganLabs, creating a space that’s friendly and enjoyable for our employees and our clients.

Personal Interests

  • 83 books
  • 100-mile bike race
  • Volunteering

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