Software Developer

Kirthi Samson Chilkuri

Kirthi’s fascination with computers began as a kid when he stumbled across his uncle’s Compaq Presario. While using this sleek, jet-black machine he learned his first DOS command: dir.

Looking to expand on his interest, Kirthi earned a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from B. V. Raju Institute of Technology in India. Despite the degree, Kirthi’s true love was writing code, not working with electrical grids. So he put in several years as a web and backend developer before pursuing a formal degree in computer science.

Soon after beginning his master’s at Grand Valley State University, Kirthi was hired as a student programmer. A semester after that, he was offered a graduate assistant position with one of the school’s top computer science professors. The position would cover his entire tuition and, among other things, expose him to a nationally funded app project monitoring honeybee health.

Equipped with a computer science degree and no real-world experience, Kirthi found it difficult convincing employers to give him a shot. His opportunity finally arose with a local software developer who challenged him during his interview to build an Android app (which he knew nothing about) in 10 days. Ten days later he landed the job. Kirthi followed this experience up with a two-year stint working on a machine learning app with one of the world’s Big Four accounting firms, KPMG.

Now at MichiganLabs, Kirthi is able to get a firsthand look at the company he had been hearing good things about from his colleagues. What stands out is the focus on personal growth and team building. There’s also the fact that Kirthi gets to collaborate on mobile apps, his “first love.”

Outside of work, Kirthi enjoys Formula One Racing even though his beloved Ferrari team hasn’t won a championship in the past five years. Like many of his fellow team members at MichiganLabs, he also enjoys testing his skills in the kitchen. As he is quick to point out, “How the food turns out is a different story.” We’d say Kirthi fits right in.

Personal Interests

  • Formula One Racing
  • Cooking
  • Mobile Apps

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