Software Associate

Jemima Turnbull

Jemima’s first introduction to working with software started when she was just seventeen and hired as the first employee at a small start-up. In her role as Head of Customer Services and Operations, Jemima acted as a liaison between the operations and software development teams. She continued in her position after moving to the United States at the age of eighteen. She found that she gravitated towards the technology side of the business as it impacted the customer’s experience. It was her second programming class at GVSU, though, that changed the course of her career when her professor showed her that software development had unlimited potential and that coding didn’t have specific boundaries.

Jemima was excited to start as an associate at Michigan Software Labs because we primarily develop apps for our customers. She feels excited at how that impacts user experience day-to-day.

Aside from moving to the United States without her parents, Jemima believes her most notable accomplishment is successfully driving in the Michigan winters.

Jemima enjoys spending her free time playing soccer, reading science fiction, and--this one may surprise you--occasionally writing raps. Jemima also loves shopping and never wears the same outfit twice. She once spent six hours in a Target. She could have stayed longer, but her tired brothers dragged her out.

Personal Interests

  • Soccer
  • Fashion
  • Reading Sci-Fi

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