UX Practice Lead

Iulia Rontu

Iulia (pronounced you-lee-uh) has had a lifelong proclivity for technology. She thanks her tech-savvy dad for bringing home a computer and connecting it to the Internet. By age 12 she had picked up HTML and CSS (thanks to Neopets). At 16 she was running her own business, designing and developing boutique websites. She even designed the site for her high school.

Born in Romania, Iulia moved to Michigan when she was five then to Grand Rapids in 2011 to pursue a graphic design degree from Kendall College of Art & Design. From there, she continued picking up projects and honing her ability to communicate design and intent. Her goal? To use her “design powers for good” to solve problems and make people’s lives just a little bit easier.

Prior to MichiganLabs, one of Iulia’s most notable accomplishments was designing a personalized home screen for an app used for a national retail chain. During this period, she also worked with various teams to develop the design language used for the company’s web experiences.

In joining MichiganLabs, Iulia was looking for a chance to have greater ownership of the product lifecycle. She also wanted to be part of a culture where growth and flexibility are encouraged and supported. As one of our user experience design leads, Iulia takes a human-centered approach to design to make technology feel more intuitive.

When not at MichiganLabs, Iulia enjoys teaching her pet budgerigar, Rudy, how to gently scream human words. She also likes to read up on user experience psychology, debate why forks are better than spoons, and volunteer unsolicited trivia about birds. Like many of us around here, she also plays more video and tabletop games than a person probably should. She’s in the right place.

Personal Interests

  • Make people's lives easier
  • Budgerigar
  • Read up on UX

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