Software Associate

Emily Costa

If it weren’t for her software consultant dad, Emily would never have considered majoring in computer science. During freshman year, he convinced her to try Intro to C. That’s all it took. Despite not being her favorite programming language, C will always hold a special place in her heart.

After starting out at University of Central Florida, Emily transferred to Calvin University, where she focused on web development and UI/UX design. As a Sophomore, she joined the Women In Computing Club. With fun events and volunteering opportunities with causes like Girls Who Code, Emily has steadily advanced to the role of vice president. She even built the club’s website.

Prior to MichiganLabs, Emily’s most notable work experience was as a volunteer for the ONE Campaign in Michigan. Working to promote youth voter turnout in the 2020 general election taught her that consistency, hard work, and grassroots organizing can make a huge difference.

Working as a software associate at MichiganLabs, Emily appreciates the welcoming sense of community she finds here. From day one, she has felt like she belongs. Beyond landing a full-time role someday, her goal is to increase gender, racial, and ethnic diversity and make great software in the process.

Outside of work, Emily loves spinning, barre, and pilates. Being active helps her to justify her other love: eating great food. Every week, she likes to try a new restaurant.

Personal Interests

  • Spinning
  • Barre
  • New restaurants

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