Software Associate

Bomin Rahmani

Bomin loves a good challenge. Maybe because he has spent much of his life overcoming them. One example is his uncle’s pharmacy in Afghanistan. Before immigrating to the U.S., Bomin apprenticed as a nurse in the fast-paced environment, where he learned how to do everything from injections to stitches to administering drugs.

As a student at Grand Valley State University, Bomin is currently pursuing a degree in computer science. He chose his major as a way to dive deeper into topics, such as math, biology, chemistry, and physics. He also tutors part-time in subjects ranging from math to philosophy.

Bomin found out about MichiganLabs through word of mouth. The more he learned about the culture and projects, the more interested he became. In fact, this was the only internship he applied for. So far, putting all of his eggs in one basket has paid off. Much like his college experience, Bomin is exposed to a variety of projects; one day, he may be researching web development and the next he’s delving into architecture.

Outside of work, Bomin spends time reading, gardening, solving puzzles, and watching movies. Most of all, he enjoys picking up new hobbies. He likens the feeling of starting from nothing and slowly building up his knowledge to the endorphin rush runner’s experience after a hard run. We’re guessing Bomin has many more runs ahead of him.

Personal Interests

  • Reading
  • Gardening
  • Solving puzzles

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