iPad Pro for Enterprise

September 12, 2015


Apple announced the iPad Pro at a recent keynote event in California. The product is designed to appeal to the Enterprise customer in a similar way as Microsoft’s Surface. The iPad Pro will now have a large 12.9-inch Retina display and nearly double the CPU performance of the iPad Air 2. The ability to run apps at the same time is a key feature for the iPad Pro. In addition, the iPad Pro will feature an optional Apple Pencil (stylus) and keyboard.

For the size, the iPad Pro is thin and light. At just 6.9 millameters and 1.59 pounds, the iPad Pro is still larger than the current iPad Air 2 and iPad Air, but it boasts 12 inches by 8.68 inches in size. The iPad Pro is meant for serious business and providing users with access to most of the features they have on a traditional laptop. Similar to Microsoft’s Surface, the iPad Air will be able to have a keyboard and a stylus. The Apple Pencil is sensitive to both tilt and pressure, allowing the user to create a range of artistic strokes and shading. For Enterprise, this could mean drafting blueprints, writing notes, sketching new products, or signing large deals.

Under the hood, the iPad Pro will have the new A9X chip, with 64-bit desktop class architecture. It is almost twice as powerful as the iPad Air 2 and will run even the most demanding apps with ease. For Enterprise, this could mean running custom apps that were not possible to run before. iOS 9 will allow Enterprise users to run two apps at once, such as PowerPoint and Safari – or even Netflix and Clash of Clans.

The iPad Pro will come out for sale in November. MichiganLabs will continue to develop apps that can support devices which are required by our customers. Since many of MichiganLabs customers are Enterprise, MichiganLabs looks forward to working a lot more with the iPad Pro. What are some of your initial reactions to Apple’s new device?

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