Highlights from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

June 12, 2015

In case you missed the updates from the 26th WWDC this year, here is a quick review.

Apple revealed how their smart devices are going to get even smarter. Apple unveiled new upgrades for iOS with the goal of continuing to improve the mobile experience.

A few highlights included the introduction of a new music streaming service called Apple Music (like Pandora or Spotify), an improved Apple Maps app, iPad multi-tasking, better Siri, and new deep linking technology in iOS 9.

The new deep linking technology will allow users to search not just on their device or on the web; but also within apps. This new feature will allow developers to have a whole new set of possibilities for interacting with users. According to Forrester Research, “this creates a much more personalized contextual driver around what a mobile experience is on today’s phones”. Which, is a fancy way of saying it will make finding stuff in apps easier.

Going forward, screens will have the ability to act as indexed pages within a search result. This means that a user might not always be going through your home or landing screen to get into the app; and each touch point will need to be considered. It may inevitably force more of a timeline approach to apps where a user types in what they wanted to find (E.g. Contact Support) and they get taken directly to that part of the screen.

Overall, the updates from the WWDC this year were a bit lacking; however, Apple continues to create excellent products and exciting new features which will benefit users. Only time will tell which new features and products take-off. Since this is a public thread, please feel free to write a comment about your favorite new update from WWDC. What do you think?

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