Converting Jacoco Test Reports to Cobertura or Clover Format

February 10, 2015

The Jacoco framework is an excellent tool to generate test coverage reports for your Android Gradle project. Sometimes you’ll need your test coverage reports in another format, such as Cobertura or Clover (used by Atlassian tools to track test coverage). We use Atlassian Bamboo to automatically build our projects and perform code tests, so we needed to convert our Android project test coverage reports from Jacoco format to Clover format. This way, we could benefit from Bamboo’s ability to track test coverage per build and over time.

Here’s what a test coverage summary looks like in Atlassian Bamboo:

Converting from Jacoco to Cobertura

Thanks to a simple Python script from this Github repository you can easily convert your Jacoco test coverage reports to Cobertura format.

In your app’s base directory, run these shell commands to create a Cobertura reports directory alongside your Jacoco reports directory and then perform the conversion.

mkdir -p ./app/build/reports/cobertura
python ./app/build/reports/jacoco/jacocoTestReport/jacocoTestReport.xml src/main/java > ./app/build/reports/cobertura/coverage.xml

Converting from Cobertura to Clover

Converting from Cobertura test coverage format to Clover format is done with the cobertura-clover-transform Python tool.

Run this shell command to use the Python package installer tool pip to install the cobertura-clover-transform tool.

pip install lxml cobertura-clover-transform

In your app’s base directory, run these shell commands to create a Clover reports directory and then perform the conversion from Cobertura to Clover.

mkdir -p ./app/build/reports/clover
python -m cobertura_clover_transform.converter ./app/build/reports/cobertura/coverage.xml > ./app/build/reports/clover/clover.xml

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